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Sometimes I Hate You, But I'm Whipped

Happy II-year (2) LJ Anniversary to me.

As of today:

pollytrance is two years old.
This entry makes 850 entries.

You know what I find really funny? This is only an observation based on the patterns of myself and a few other livejournalers within my circle.

The closer you are to someone, the more you know them... the less comments you leave, and vice versa. It's also funny that you know you're being read because you reference entries and they know what you're talking about... but you're not being commented to.

People that you don't really like don't get comments.
Strangers don't get comments.
People that you really like/love/know really well don't get comments.

Unless, of course,

1) They post rarely (in which case, there are comments on almost every entry)
2) You love them but are too afraid to reveal it, so you leave your love in the form of comments, hoping one day they'll catch on.
3) They live far away, and commenting is the closest thing to talking on the phone that you can afford.

I don't know. I really think it's weird how people treat their loved ones. Like how you'll ditch out on your parents to go hang out with your friends, and think it's ok because they're your parents. They'll always be there. You know they love you and you love them.

My favourite, however, is how my girlfriends act when they get boyfriends or fuck buddies. They drop off the radar for a month or two until they're done being fucked or until they're comfortable leaving their boyfriends unattended so that they can hang with people who have been there all along.

This goes for boys too, only it's exceptionally disturbing when a guy is wrapped around his girlfriend's finger. There is no freedom, there is no loyalty. Occasionally there will be boys who date girls and still remain close with their girlfriends, however it is common in those cases that

1) The girlfriend is boffing a bunch of other guys and doesn't care
2) The guy is in deep unrequited love with his friends that are girls
3) The girlfriend is gay and it's a cover-up
4) The guy is gay and it's a cover-up
5) The guy uses how close he is with his friends that are girls to get the girlfriend to do what he wants (ie: "If you don't ______, then I'll go hang out with [threatening-girl-name-here]."
6) The guy has no friends that are girls, in actuality he's dating all of them, but they all think that they're the one and think that the others are just friends

I don't know. I just think it's funny how most of the time strangers and acquaintances get better treatment than loved ones, because we foolishly believe the loved ones will always be there for us when we're done being stupid.

This is not the case.

Appreciate what you've got y'all. It probably won't be there for always.


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