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I Have To...

"Heard those stupid people talk about you again
I just have to laugh to keep from hurting bad,
Simple minds just cannot seem to understand
You are neurotic and depressed, it doesn't mean that you're sad." -- everclear

Ok, I'm sorry, I've been listening to those lyrics ever since I've had this damn album and never posted them. I just wish people would listen to them, not just know the words and sing along. They actually do make sense, and the message is right out there, it's not hidden or coded or packaged into a nice little metaphor. Why is it that all of the time, people lack the sight of what is right in front of their motherfucking eyes?

Only two more days and school is out and then my room is going to experience a whole excavation type thing. I'm gonna start cleaning it today and then when summer starts it's gonna stay clean and yet become a haven for the lost souls that will need shelter in the lonesome blistering summer that has yet to ensue.

More bad news. I'm not going to get a job this summer for two big reasons. (There are about a million little reasons why I shouldn't, but these seem the most important)

1) I don't want to change my haircolour to be at some job I will probably hate... no one could pay me enough to change it... well, yes they could, but they'd have to pay a whole hell of a lot, and that's unrealistic, (and hey, don't those idiots realise that if they hire someone with something interesting about them it will draw a more diverse crowd to wherever I work? There needs to be more stores like Hot Topic and Limbo Lounge... I've even seen workers at Macy's with funky hair... other stores & establishments should take the hint.)
2) I'm not even gonna be home half the summer... I would get fired almost instantly. "Hey boss, I need two weeks off, I promised my aunt that I'd visit her in Exeter before I started working here, so if you don't give me the time off, I'll just walk."

Yeah... that would go over really well. Sometimes I hate being a Taurus because my temper and my fucking will and pride get me into heaps of trouble and eventually I'll die of a stress ulcer because of my numerous regrets.

I wish the Smashing Pumpkins would get back together.
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