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All right!

So today was the last day of school and it is finally summer! Hooray! I'm so very excited, there is so much fun stuff lined up that I can barely contain myself. Things have been better than I thought they would be and I swear things are looking up in the best way ever.

Also, I didn't know if it was fo sho, but I'm absolutely positively going to METROPOLIS. Yes, yes homie g's! I'm so excited. A bunch of people are coming from all over the place and they're having it at three Com park. Anyone ever heard of this particular "music and culture festival"? (at least that's what they told the city (San Francisco) so that they would ok it... ha ha! They are so smart!)

So we're leaving around eight PM and the "music and culture festival" ends at two am. Be prepared for a long entry full of details, seeing as how this will be my first one and it's a massive tomorrow night. Holy shit I'm excited. I'm going with a girl who's become a very good friend of mine named Katie L.... which is funny because of these reasons:

I was legally born under this name: Sheba Angelica Stalkneck
Then my adopted mother changed it to this: Katherine Taylor
Then my father changed it to this: Phoebe Salt
And then in 8th grade I got bored with Katie and Phoebe and changed it to this: Hemlock Ava

So the people I've known since childhood call me Katie... the people that met me in 8th grade call me Hemlock (you know how it's weird to call someone by a different name than the one you met them as?) the people that were around my dad call me Phoebe (which is the name I favour most, Katie is too common) so I have many names. But when I'm with Katie, I'm Katie too so it's cute. Katie L., me and another girl named Katie M., we all cut 6th period one time and went to the mall to go shopping for cute and sparkly outfits and made sure to tell all the cashiers "Did you know that we're all Katies?"

The thing I like best about that is the fact that Katie L. is a cute short bubbly little Asian girl with long black hair that wears glamorous and dramatic eye make-up to accent her honey brown eyes... Katie M. is a cute curvy white girl with shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes who wears practically no make-up(all American girl next door, shops at the Gap and has tons of school spirit)... and me... I'm taller than both of them, still short though, white, with blue eyes and short, everchanging hair. We were the pictures of sameness without really being the same. It was fabulous.

But enough of the boring stuff! School's out! I'm sure this thing will be filled with tons of stuff by the end of the summer. Yes Yes Yes. Things are most certainly looking up.
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