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The Plant Life Is Suffering

I got what could possibly be the best or the most scary fortune from a fortune cookie today: "Your luck has been completely changed today"

Changed from what to what? I hope it's a positive change because I really don't need any more bad luck.

"Today" at that time meant from midnight on. I guess it means good luck because I got my raccoon hands on a bottle of Cook's and was able to drink until the stars spun. Unfortunately, I was really tired and if I hadn't been concentrating probably would have fallen asleep standing up.

As horrible as this sounds, it felt really good lying in Steve's driveway looking up at the stars and watching them shift slightly side to side because of the intoxication. I regret showing up late but if I had shown up earlier, I wouldn't have had good luck on my side, because it still would have been the 5th.

I went to Lib's house beforehand and helped him move into his new place [including unloading the U-Haul with his family and all... his mom's boyfriend thought I was some random girl who just happened to be walking up the street and had decided to help them] and he was the one who helped me obtain the drink [even paid for it] and offered to stay sober so that I could get tossed and not have to drive home if I didn't want to, and gave me a place to crash afterward. This, ladies and gentleman, is true friendship.

The house was sweltering and I spent most of the night outside on the curb drinking, but I was able to track down Steve to give him his card and to tell him thank-you and good-bye, so I was glad for that.

I have to be up at 6.45 to take my mom to the train station today, but I am restless. Nicole and I did profiles for a few hours and determined that some of our "friends" need to be done away with as soon as possible. Juvenile, I know. I tried to sleep after that, but Goon called me at around one-something and woke me up, and shortly thereafter I got texts from Lib. Now I can't sleep. When I sleep, I get fever or something, I burn up to death. So when awoken from sleep, I have to take a good long hour or so hiatus from my bed to let it cool down before I can try to sleep again. So that's what I'm doing, and I thought I'd try to document the fun I had last night.

It's not going to be documented. Nicole and I already discussed every little detail [for two hours on the phone], and a lot of people were there and already know what happened, and those who weren't either don't care or can speculate that "Katie was drunk and it was funny."

On the way home Lib drove because the last thing I need is to get a ticket and half way to Oakland I started crying like an idiot in my tired/inebriated state and gibbering about a bunch of nonsense and I don't remember exactly what I said but I apologised profusely for anything offensive.

I feel so sorry for him. I knew something like that would happen. He's been a really good friend to me and I've been a moron the whole time, it's very embarrassing. I want to be "Together-Katie" so that I can have my life in order and run to the rescue of anyone who needs my assistance, especially someone so giving like Lib is, but there is some malfunction right now where I am giving as much as I'm taking, and probably [though hopefully not] more.

This is how I want to be to all of my friends:

Just call my name, I'll be there
Anytime you want me, anytime you need me
Anytime you want me, anything you want
You know I will be there!
Can I make you see the friend in me?
Just call my name and I'll be right there
In the midnight hour I can feel this power
Just call my name and I'll come runnin'
Don't you know I'll be runnin'?

You believe I'm a friend indeed
Someone you can count on
Automatic, guaranteed
Like a thief in the night
I got what you like
I want what you got
I got what you need
When you need me, CALL!
I won't let you fall
Just call my name and I'll come runnin'!

I'll come runnin'
Don't you know I'll be runnin'?

Anytime you want me, anytime you need me
Anytime you want me, anything you want
You know I'll be there!

Just call my name and I'll come runnin'!

[bits and pieces of "Runnin'" by Basstoy]

There was one very large disappointment: I was too late to see Starr. I was really looking forward to seeing her but apparently she left really early.

It makes me snicker because I know where Dina went [at least I think so] and I am going there too within the next five minutes. It will be glorious. I am having chocolate milk and maybe some sleep before I have to get up and be a good daughter.

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