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All I Have To Say Is Wow

So... last night was Metropolis. Yes, yes. Intense, and my first. Aaaah. So exciting. Mind-blowing. An experience I will not soon forget.

To learn more about what was going on this monumental night of June 16th 2001, go here

I can still hear the music and feel the bass in my bones. So this is how it all played out:

I got up early (10.30 am) and cleaned my room so that Katie and I could get ready together. Then I took a shower and did my hair and shaved my legs and made sure that every aspect of me short of make-up was pleasing to the senses. make-up would wait until Katie got to my house.

7.30 PM: Katie arrived at my house. (Metropolis started at three PM but we thought we'd wait till dark so that it would be much more crackin') We did our make-up in similar fashions and we stuck glow in the dark stars all over our faces. I curled my orange and yellow and pink hair up into Shirley Temple style ringlets and she wore her hair all braided and parted, it was really cool. We got the pictures from it developed at 5.15 today and they are awesome. They capture perfectly my first experience and I want to put them in here. *Sigh* The most amazing part was when they played this song where samples of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech were sliced into the techno. It was beautiful. I could have died happy last night.

We spent most of our time in the Metrodome section of Metropolis though we made several trips to and through the Konkrete Jungle to get water and to scope out the meeting place should one of us get lost. I was bummed because I wanted to go into Sector Two where all the trance was playing and where DJ D and St. John were spinning. Unfortunately all but three of out party were floored for the evening due to the fact that they were rolling really hard. That was absolutely no big deal though because I got an opportunity to be out there with just me dancing and meeting people. It was an 18+ event and they were carding... but still.. I GOT IN! Everyone who went except Willy was under 18 and the security staff were guardian angels because they let us through. They are going to Heaven.

We met tons of people and took lots of pictures. I tried to learn how to do a half-way decent light-show but sucked all the way. People did light shows for me. A few people who were freaked out came up and started rubbing me and telling me their names and how good it felt to touch people. That was kinda scary but it was all good. I don't think anything could have ruined that night.

As we were driving away when it ended at two am, we turned on the radio and the Live 105 DJ's said: "And we'd like to give an extra special shout out to all of you who are leaving Metropolis. Drive Safe." And everyone in the car shouted WOO! because we knew that what we had just done was something that could not be done again. So exciting. After that Jamie knew some guys who were having a telly and we followed them to the Marriott where they were turning everyone away because they knew what kind of disaster would follow with a hotel full of unpaid minor ravers. And I got lots of candy from Katie for my first time. That was so cool. The only regret I have is the fact that I was not younger when this happened. Seventeen years is really too long to wait.
And nothing bad happened, nobody got sick or stabbed, no car accidents, no bombings, no shootings. Everything was groovy.

An exhausted Katie and myself stepped through the door of my house at 4.30 am and proceeded to my room and watched Groove and looked admiringly upon the beautiful flyers we were handed as we left and checked our messages. We recounted every detail of the night to one another and talked about how we must do it again soon. Soon after, we decided to sleep and at around 5.30 this morning I drifted off into the most blissful and happiest sleep I've had in ages.

We woke up at around 10.30 and watched the Powerpuff marathon and did horoscopes until 2.30 when we got ready and went out and got our pictures developed and looked for kitty litter and stuff like that and a gift for Tanja who is going away on Monday :( I will miss her dearly. Whilst we were shopping we stopped and had a second rate Chinese food lunch at a cheap express place and then we were stopped and asked if we were ravers by one of the shopkeepers. I could have cried. I could finally say I had done it.

I'm getting a cat tomorrow. A black one. I can't decide what to name him. It's down to these choices:
1) Blue
2) La Douleur Exquise
3) Zero
4) Noir

I just can't choose. Oh well. I need to find a nice something for Tanja so that when she goes back to Germany she will remember me.

Jessica's grandpa died on Friday and I was so very glad that I was there to hold her hand and give her a hug when she received the news.

Amanda called me today and asked me to streak her hair purple. That will commence on Tuesday. Alex called me and asked me how Metropolis went. It was great.

Katie went home and I watched Sex and the City which I didn't think was that great tonight but oh well. Who needs it to be? Things are peachy.

I'm so sore I can barely speak though. I used muscles I didn't even know existed. I wished my father a happy father's day. I showed my mother the developed rave pics. (She was totally cool with the whole thing!! I love her so much. She even helped me get ready, gave me money, and let me have no curfew as long as Katie and I came back here when we were done.)

Smiles. Nothing but smiles. The ambition of Mya and myself was not bullshit. We knew this would make us happy. I have to call her. I love that girl.

I probably sound stupid but I remained sober. I like being happy. I haven't been happy like this since the day before New Year's. There really are things worth living for. Friends, love, happiness, crazy answering machine messages, pickles, cartoons.

And finally, to seal the happiness, Space Ghost Coast to Coast is on tonight. An episode I've never seen.

"Joy to the world
All the boys and girls
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me."
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