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Figure It Out. Or Don't.

Everybody knows that Lindsay Brokaw is a famous movie star and anyone who talks to her is an extremely privileged individual. She actually said, "Mott's" which is my word so I feel like I have been visited by Jesus are something. Everyone should observe a moment to revere her.

Ok, I am done with that section of my post. Uncle Coco pisses me off because he has his own damn icon and I can't do mine. It makes me MAD. Other stuff makes me mad too. Like not being able to figure out complex and tricky problems at school. School sucks anyway though.

Heather Locklear was in Disneyland with her husband and child on April 17th, and I sometimes wonder if she is there now.

I don't like my hair. I have monster roots and it is all splotchy. I am thinking of getting a gray colour-fill and never doing anything to it again. And if I did it gray I would never have anymore roots ever because my hair is gray. It looks like I am a thousand years old or something, like the Mummy, only without those creepy bugs. Scarabs as one would call them.

I don't know what's going to happen on Friday. Several events have been brought to my attention, but I am scared that I will stay home and just watch cartoons because Double D has hosting duty. I have been a bad fan in terms of the cartoons that I used to have an allegiance to. Everyone said it was a phase. I guess majorities do rule sometimes.

I'm the lucky one, always having fun, I tie back my hair. I sit and watch TV, I see only me, though I look for you there... that's why I sit at home alone and watch TV. Ciao.
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