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OK Here We Go...

I'm very excited for some reason. I was talking to Double D this morning and I asked him if he liked Bagels and he said, "I don't know what that is." It was shocking... but it turned out he really did know what Bagels are... he thought I was talking about a band called the Bagels. Little things like that crack me up hardcore.

I've been listening to the banana boat song for days now. The one by Harry Belafonte. You know, "Daylight come and me want to go home." Those are probably the wrong lyrics.. but this song does something strange to me. It reminds me of my childhood.. I used to watch Beetlejuice all the time and that's probably why. Tim Burton rocks my socks... and Danny Elfman does the same.

Jack Skellington. Oh man. I've had conversations about this with several people and we all think that if he was a real living person we'd all try to hook up with him. (Yes, even though he's a skeleton) But still. He has all of these good qualities:

*He is a good singer
*He would never be hairy
*He wouldn't smell bad
*He could scare the hiccups out of us at anytime
*His long bony arms could enclose even the fattest of women and make them feel loved
*His cute evil grin
*His tall, pale lankiness.

My friends and I are suckas for tall, pale, skinny guys. Too bad they're all either cheaters, liars, crackheads, idiots, or not interested in girls... or just not girls like us. Bah to them. Or maybe our standards are too high. I don't think so though. I've dated some real losers. They will remain unnamed.
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