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Should I Say, "Where You Been All My Life"?

The best commentary ever on the subject of the "funny bone" has just fallen into my possession:

"They should call it the fucking shit bone. Not funny at all."

How grand is that?

On the subject of livejournal:

"Everyone writes about, 'I got up, this is what I had for breakfast...' No way am I going to write about what I had for breakfast!"


in a whisper: "Eggo waffles, every day."

On the subject of telling racist jokes to someone whom the joke is about, but whom you are not the same race as:

"You should tell them. You might get raped, but if I did it, I'd get killed."

My friends RULE. Their commentary should be so much more widely documented.

Things are spectacular, and even though it's like below fucking zero because of the weather, I feel so excellent that I could jump around in my underwear.

My only problem? Hunger. That can easily be fixed.

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