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Heavy Metal USA!!

Ok, now... I thought the words to the song were "Heavy Metal USA (oh, USA)" but really they are "Anywhere USA (anywhere USA)" and I feel like an idiot because I've been singing the wrong words all along. That song is by PYT and good luck getting it out of your head when it's stuck there. I don't know any of its other words. A spider was crawling all over me last night... it was a daddy long leg, and though it reminded me a lot of Link, it still scared me as it creeped along quietly. After it disappeared behind my headboard I was all right once again.

Boring day fo sho. Had to watch the babies and slept quite a bit. Didn't end up going to Grass Valley with Lindsay the movie star and Josh... but I don't think they minded, I was being obnoxious when I went out with them yesterday, slamming a bag of McDonald's on Josh's window while he was unsuccessfully trying to catch a few winks. He looked exhausted and annoyed but I was so wild nothing could have stopped me that night. Gee whiz, fool.

Imagine is next Friday and I want to go and blow the roof off that place. Tonight was (and still currently is) Genki 2. They said that "genki" means happy in Japanese. If they pronounce it anyway I think it's pronounced, in America that word means of little quality or fucked up (janky).

I'm in a weird mood. I feel like I could hella bounce all over. Yes.
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