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They Won't Find My Body

OMG You know what I just did? I just stole Stefan's Mach 3 and shaved my arms!!! They are so pretty and nice. I have the giggles just thinking about it! I also put a fork in the microwave, but that was an accident. But I cooked it and I don't think anything bad happened. The fork was all warm. It was nice actually.

It doesn't mean that I am going to do it again. I also am kind of confused because my call history says that I called 3847147 people and I can't really remember any of the conversations I had with any of them but I hope it was funny.

Man I wish this was something of more substance but I still think it's pretty funny that I shaved my arms.

Edit-- The Goon just came in here and asked me to look in his bathroom. I wrote "Naughty Boy" on his mirror in White-Out. 1) I don't remember that and 2) where the fuck did I get white-out?

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