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I Wear It For Fun.

I think I have realised the secret to ultimate happiness. Actually, there are a few secrets to ultimate happiness.

* Laugh often
* Rely on no one
* Stay up all night drinking water and Coca-Cola and retaining your Seratonin

I don't know if Seratonin should be capitalised but oh well. I will make it capitalised because that's the way I feel. Today I heard something really funny and it was said with complete conviction, and it was as follows: "Fingernails are scary."

Isn't that the funniest thing you've ever heard, ever? I think it is. Sometimes I wish I was a pirate so that I could have a wooden leg and walk around saying things like, "Aye, me maties," and, "I be nothin' but a scurvy pirate." If I was a pirate I would have a big hoop earring and a patch for one of my eyes. In the middle of the patch there would be a silver star because that would rule.

I have come to the decision that I firmly believe that C. Martin Croker is not entirely responsible for the voices of Moltar and Zorak. I think he uses machinery to speed his voice up for Zorak's croaky and exciting voice, and I think he uses other machinery to slow his voice down and make it creepy yet befitting to Moltar, who, underneath it all, is a sweetheart I'm sure. And I know they're not real. I don't give a shit.

Lindsay said Mott's AND she gave me a shell necklace. I must be super duper special and she is a big movie star. There is a big difference between stupid people and crazy people. Crazy people are smart. Josh said that. He is the boyfriend of the big movie star Lindsay, they are both Saggitarians. Sags. Heh.

Jessica called me a bitch today because I pulled her jacket strings. That's something I love to do even though it drives her insane. I think she secretly likes it even. I think I should do it more often, as long as she wears the blue or yellow jackets. No one can understand the joy of pulling someone's jacket strings until you do it serially. What you do is you take it and you pull all of the string to one side, and then the hood becomes all cinched up and fun to look at. Speaking of good things to look at, Double D is helping me get a Melora picture because she rocks. That's all for now I suppose. Ciao.
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