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Good Idea!!

Something common that I have seen amongst drunks: often, when inebriated, their eyes light up, and they exclaim that they have a "good idea"!!

Some "good ideas" I have been fortunate enough to run across:

-Throwing champagne bottles out of your window into the backyard.

-Putting vodka into a pipe and then trying to smoke it

-Teabagging your best friends (out of love)

-Being determined that you are special, and you are able to sit anywhere you want and be ok (including in old, broken chairs), and then getting angry when no one tries to stop you and you end up on the floor

-Shaving off hair that is more or less societally taboo to shave off (arm hair and eyebrows, for example)

-Writing people messages in white-out on their bathroom mirrors

-Waking your roommate up at seven am to go buy you cigarettes

-Making audblogs

-Giving yourself or your friends haircuts, make-overs, or manicures and pedicures (or letting them give them to you)

-Telling anyone who will listen that you're of a particular ethnicity that you're clearly not

-Claiming that you are royalty

-Running around in a blue rubber BMW racing suit all night, discovering a leaf blower, and then letting one of your friends inflate you

-Strapping a studded belt across your chest and then believing that this makes you Rambo and gives you free range to climb trees and swashbuckle

-Chasing the mailman

-Going spelunking

-Filling hula hoops with lighter fluid and then igniting them

-Calling your parents (or grandparents) ... particularly if you are under the age of 21 in the United States

-Calling anyone, really

-Not having a pager, so detaching the smoke alarm from the wall, and walking around with it stuck in your hat, while you're smoking and it's beeping, and believing that you have pimp style

-Christmas caroling down main street at 3 am... in July

-Gathering old Christmas trees disposed of by your neighbours and dragging them into the house and putting them in the fireplace

-Putting several ignited fireworks in an ammunition box, sealing it, and then being genuinely surprised when it explodes and the house fills with smoke

-Microwaving silverware and compact discs

-Going to Denny's and making your waiter play word-association games with you before you order

-Hanging out on flights of stairs and then feeling completely surprised when you fall down them

-Approaching random people on their cell phones in parking lots, and not going away until they let you talk to whoever is on the other end of the line

-Going outside into a residential area and screaming, "Suck my cock, lick my balls, they taste good" (bonus points if you've done this and you're female)

-Throwing recycling bins onto the hoods of Benzes simply because you honestly believe that if anything gets broken, the owners are rich enough to fix it anyway

-Posting to livejournal (heh)

-Hanging out with your drunk friends in a nursery, and then being offended when the childs' mother comes home and thinks that you're creepy

-Videotaping or agreeing to be videotaped in a bathroom, while someone is using it

-Sledding down staircases in a sleeping bag

What "good ideas" have you been fortunate to come across? I want to compile a gigantic list.

Also-- what are some of your favourite "drunk songs", and why? Drunk songs being anything you always listen to while drinking, or like to sing [loudly] when inebriated?

Please share!! Thanks!!

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