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Pretty Flowers

Josh and me were talking and whenever we talk just because we're bored we come up with these crazy schemes. So we started making all these croaking and screaming noises while we were waiting for Lindsay the movie star to get ready upstairs and decided we wanted to make a band in which there were crazy sampled beats and cool guitar stuff topped off with our screams and croaks, and perhaps, if we got entirely creative, some actual words. Our live show would be good. Lots of shock rock stuff. Breaking things and fake blood and a crazy projectionist splicing insanity into the background of our already insane performance style. The band was to be called, "Pretty Flowers" and our first album was gonna be called, "I Have Nothing Better To Do Than Chop Up Dog Food All Day"

Lindsay the movie star had sneaked unknowingly down the stairs and placed The Gouda (a tape recorder from the 80's that we named The Gouda) on them so she has our croaking and screaming on tape. I wonder if she will feel the urge to blackmail us later? I doubt it, I don't think she got much of my noises anyway.

Now it is Sunday. I always like summer Sundays because they are pleasant and relaxed and because there is absolutely no problem with me staying up and watching SGC2C, which reminds me, I need to go to the Ghost Planet and check up on what show they're doing tonight so I can cue my tape and record which ones I've got. I don't even have like a third of the episodes, and they've stopped showing two episodes a night. Instead they show one episode and then a cartoon planet sketch to fill the second episode time slot. So yeah. Later much.

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