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No Matter How I Struggle And Strive-- I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive.

Ever susceptible to a fit of rage in an empty cage?

Feelings and thoughts change-- tenderness to resentment and love to hate.

Jeff says he wants to kill me. He told me he knows where I live and that I deserve to die. He says I am cruel and not fit to live. He tells me that I tear his life apart... threatened me with the words "I know where you live, even."

He says I bitch about my life so much that I should just kill myself. Then he asked if he could just do it for me-- apparently I am not made at all-- even though I live in a room that I pay for, away from my parents, buy things with money I earn at a job (that I may hate-- but I still earn my own money), pay off my own credit card debt-- and still he thinks that I am so "cruel" that I deserve to die. He scoffs at me and says my roommate pays for everything and that I will never be on my own. He says I am weak and threatens to kill me.

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