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Don't Complain About Humidity

Yeah, I just vomited. I told Stefan I don't do vodka but apparently he doesn't do rum. So lame.

Ew. Lemon-lime liquor tastes like dishsoap. Even lemon rum. So fucking gross. I only do Razz or girl drinks. So disgusting. Fuck Smirnoff. Fuck vodka in general. I am pissed off and I hate vodka. Rum is where it's at.

At first I thought rum was so scary, but when I was in fourth grade we had to man a ship and one of the sea chanties we learned was about rum. Supposedly this really cool ship captain died at sea and his name was Captain Nelson. After he died, they stuck him in a coffin full of rum to preserve him and give him a proper funeral on the mainland. They started to fiend, however, and started to drink what he was preserved in. Hence, a song was formed.

The chorus?

Oh, a drop of Nelson's blood wouldn't do us any harm

Ok, so not only am I the Queen of Prague, I am also a pirate cos rum is where it's at. I would ingest some guy's blood instead of drinking vodka any day. I hate to vom. Fuck vodka. Fuck vodka since May fourth '03. That's right.

"Steve has helmets!!" -- Sophie

Let's drink rum! Let's drink bloody rum! Vodka is fucking disgusting and I hate it and people who drink it for fun need to be shot.

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