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White Girls Can Sing, Too

I returned from southern California on Saturday night.

Drove down with my family and stayed in the Disneyland Hotel. Wandered around the park alone and at peace for the first day I was there. Got very little shopping done and barely rode the rides at all. Did a lot of people watching. Met a girl to go on rides with named Alison who lives in Petaluma. Rode till close and I never saw her again.

Monday, I sat with my parents in a pizza joint and noticed that I was being stared at. After I finished my meal, I went outside to have a smoke and the watcher came out and sat next to me and lit his own smoke. Usual teenage greeting, followed by so-how-old-are-you?

"You're 19?! You look about sixteen! My sister's 19!"

And how old are you?

"I'm 15."

Oh, how I laughed. Didn't stop me from walking around with kid from Canada or going on rides. Steve got bored at home and came out, the Canadian kid smuggled him into Disneyland. On the walk through Tomorrowland, Stefan called me and said that he was moving out and had already called the landlord. How classy. Stress me out on my vacation and give me very little time to fucking find other roommates. What an asshole.

Steve and Phillip somehow got it in their heads that it would be a good idea to arm-wrestle. Phillip won.

"I don't know how I should feel. I was bested by a 15 year old."

Got ice cream, said bye to everyone, and went back to the hotel.

Tuesday, Casey came up and we got booze (from my friends that I made at the liquor store, so classy, and they deliver, but I wanted Casey to meet them) and a room at the Red Roof (472). Got sloshed and ran around Disneyland being drunken heathens. Came back to the hotel (on the shuttle, singing loudly) and continued drinking. Watched "Nell" and laughed our asses off because we were imitating her speech patterns.

Next day awoke with such a hangover that I couldn't even leave the hotel until around six. Ate a bit and felt better. Ran around California Adventure totally sober but no less insane, making loud growling noises reminiscent of a certain day in Berkeley with Michelle and Lesley. It drove the kids wild, and several of them began to emulate us. I'm positive that their parents must have been thrilled.

Did some shopping, pretended that I was a part of the love parade, inspired a little girl to be glam ("I want you to do my hair like hers. And I want her sweater. And her glasses. And her make-up. And... her shoes.") and then returned to the hotel. Throughout these two days, we were taking looney horrible pictures of each other and random tourists. Back at the hotel, more boozing and singing and tell-me-what-mythological-creature-you-think-i'm-the-most-like.

11 am, Casey took off to LA to visit with Mike and Elisa. I went back to the Disneyland Hotel and slept until around sunset. Went to the La Brea Cafe and ate some fruit, and then walked over to this Mexican place where my family was having dinner. Ate about half of the most revolting taco I have ever experienced in my life. Who likes spicy chicken? What the fuck?

Steve got bored at home again and decided to come out. We went swimming in the Disneyland Hotel's pool (with heated water) and talked about Kiss and what they look like without their make-up on. Finally broke in my new bathing suit. Got out at ten when the pool closed and went up to my room to change into dry clothes. Went to Sephora and then tried to get dinner but everything was closed or closing, so we drove up Katella and found a pizza place because I was hellbent on getting some spaghetti. I got my spaghetti, oh yes, and it's funny because I finally finished my spaghetti on Saturday morning.

Went back to the hotel and hung out in the lobby waiting for Casey to come so that he and I could go to San Diego. We got down there, played online a bit, and then he fixed up some rum and cokes and we played DONKEY KONG! Super Nintendo! Hung out with his mawma and read some children's books, and then went shopping. I bought hella hella cute things which I am planning on wearing if I go out tonight, including but not limited to (OMG!) blue ruffled bloomers! PLUR!

Again, we were off. Took off to Riverside and took some shots when we got there. Dressed to the nines and slightly buzzed, Casey, Steve, Tom and I walked over to the gothy goth club, complete with heatlamps outside to keep the smokers happy. I made Casey wear emo-boy hair which he complained about at first... actually I don't think he liked it at any time. Har har.

After the club, we went over to a hookah bar where we ordered raspberry tobacco and drank water. Casey and Steve played chess and I stared at my dish of tomatoes, cucumbers and dates. Erykah Badu came on the player and of course, I had to sing because that's all I do. A pretty black girl at the next table over looked at me like I was insane, and then scooted her chair over and sang it with me.

"Louder!" she said, "They can't hear you."

"How do you know this? You're good. Want me to put on 'Apple Tree'?"

It was straight out of a movie. Sitting in a hookah bar and acting like it's a karaoke place. With people looking at me. And joining in. Oh how righteous that was. Paid the tab for my cronies (which they didn't notice and paid for again... and the man didn't stop them and say that it had already been taken care of), and then we all set off back to Steve's house where we all drank more, Casey and Steve arm-wrestled and knocked things over and it was really funny. We ended up upstairs where I laid on the bed and did shots and smoked and talked to Tom while Casey and Steve obsessed over music together.

Eventually Tom left and we all kept drinking. Some cats were let out of bags that made an awkward situation, and being the calm, rational girl that I am, I of course flipped out and tried to leave. With just my purse. In club clothes. In the middle of the ghetto. Telling all of them that I hated them. When they wouldn't let me leave, I ran upstairs and slammed the door and took over the bed. Things were resolved eventually. It was sunrise. They pulled the second mattress out from under me and I rolled into the wall, wedged in blue blankets between the mattress and the wall. The boys would not let me sleep with my face smashed against the wall, so I moved in order to be left alone. Maybe I like sleeping smashed against the wall. Har har again. I get a kick out of myself. Woke up, downed massive water, more music, laying around, American Psycho, Brain Candy, kicking, lots of "fuck you" and name-calling, and eventually we left. Drove up to Benicia with a quick stop in Salinas to get booze and fixings for Spaghetti. Also where a very ghetto man with a red boat of a car tried to pick me up because I was dressed sort of like a prostitute. Stopped at my moms, got videos and children's books, Coca-Cola and olive oil.

Came back, ate spaghetti, fumed about that idiot that's moving out, boozed, watched movies. Same thing the next day. Woke up this morning alone.

I'm wondering if I want to be alone tonight. Can I handle it with so many solid days of constant companionship, being around at least one person at all times and now suddenly hurled back into being by myself. It's so odd. I love Christina Vidal. Lindsay Lohan should kick Hilary Duff's ass, that would be funny.

Plus, Hilary Duff is a whiny jailbait cunt who starts drama wherever she goes.

"Mommy, keep her out of my premier party!"

"Hello, Us magazine? Yeah, I was at the Prince concert and Alicia Silverstone was smoking weed and making out with her boyfriend and I didn't like it and it ruined my whole time."

What a fucking cunt. And it's funny because the little whore (who's actually not so little and kind of chubby and has an ugly pig-dog-nose) always denies her bad publicity. She totally belongs in THE SCENE. She already knows exactly how to act to fit into it.


I really like how everyone thinks I'm a ditzy idiot who has no grasp of any intelligence whatsoever. I also really like the word "scrape".

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