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Freddy Krueger Is Hot.

Recently, it has come to my attention that my taste in boys is "unconventional". One person has even gone so far as to say, "She likes ugly guys." Is this so, or am I merely recognising the good in someone most people would overlook? Steve Buscemi. Sam Rockwell. John Hannah. Noah Taylor. DEAR LORD, Noah Taylor.

Darling Noah.

So-- last night one of my roommates was looking through a men's magazine and asking if the general populous (my other roommates and Casey) thought that the women he fancied physically were as hot as he said they were. Among the "hot women" were Beyonce, Carmen Electra, and Daisy Fuentes. In one of his attempts to convince everyone of a certain model's hotness, he turned to me. "Katie, if you saw some hella fine guy while you were out somewhere, you can't tell me you wouldn't look."

It was a good point. I ended up saying, "No, I probably would, but it wouldn't matter because Casey would just laugh at me." The question of why came up and I found myself explaining my "strange" tastes.

I kind of made me wonder-- do I really like these outlandish looks or is it some bizarre and unfounded charity act where I try to play vigilante to "ugly" men even though myself, I am no prize and they probably don't care anyway? Where did my tastes come from? Why do I think black eyes and open-wounds on the face are something to pop a boner for? I tell you I have no idea, but this question that I pose myself is far more frightening than the usual questions, except one, of course. That one question would be: "Why do you still get crushes on animated characters?" I'm pretty sure the answer to that one is, "Because I'm not shallow." Who else would giggle and point at a fat-ass Australian shark and honestly be captivated? Iono.


On a completely unrelated note:

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