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The Mystery Of The Pants

There is only one bathroom in Casey's house. Usually, this is not a problem. Sometimes, however, it is.

In order to get to the bathroom, you have to go through his roommate Jeff's room, and Jeff has a very loud door that cracks and pops when you open it. Jeff usually has to work early, and I usually have to pee when it's late.

There have been two incidents worth mentioning involving this fucked up scenario:

1) One night, when I was very very intoxicated, I made my way to the bathroom. The first time I went, I got up to wash my hands and I fell into the bathtub. The second time I went, I fell into the bathtub again. The sound of a body falling into a linoleum holding pot roused Jeff, and he was about to come in to see if I was ok [or unconscious], but he changed his mind when...

he heard me babbling to myself and trying to get out of the tub.

2) I woke up one day at about noon, and I had to use the ladies'. I realised I wasn't wearing pants. I looked on the floor, in the corners, by the door, NO PANTS! ANYWHERE! I couldn't walk through Jeff's room in a t-shirt and underwear, so I wrapped a blanket around myself. I get into the bathroom, and there are my pants, laying on the bathroom floor. I was very very confused.

I went back into Casey's room and asked him if he knew how my pants had gotten into the bathroom. He said, "No." and looked at me, puzzled.

Later, after talking to Jeff, I find out that I crept into the bathroom at around seven am, and then a few moments later, bolted, went flying out of the bathroom, leaving both the bathroom door, and Jeff's door, wide open. I know at the very least that I didn't want to be seen in a t-shirt and undies, but why I didn't bother putting my pants back on still baffles me to this day. Part of me thinks I forgot they were there.

also, best poll EVAR! song gets heavier!

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