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Live Another, Live Another Day

Happy Birthday, Casey.

Apparently, there is a king snake loose in the house. Isn't that gorgeous??

I got my grubby paws on the rough edit of the song we're working on tonight and I'm very excited about it*. A few things need to be fixed with my vocals, and stuff still needs to be added, but it makes me feel like I actually have an outlet that is real.

I also got my hands on something I am terribly amused by. I don't know if any of you have ever heard me sing... but I love to do it. Even when I really fucking SUCK at it. Anyway, while we were recording, my vocals were steadily going downhill during one of the choruses, but I kept trying anyway. Then, I hit one of the sourest notes I have heard in recent memory. I laughed my ass off. Anyway, if you want to laugh at me, I'll shortly be posting the botched chorus in our community.



Also, it would be motivationally inspirational if anyone would add "left on calliope" to their interests.

I sometimes wish I was a hot guy in this respect. As far as livejournal goes, there are more females than males on here, which is slowly changing as more and more journals are made each day, but any time a guy with "hot" user-icons suggests something, so many females answer to his beck and call. I think it would be a lot better for us as a band if I was a hot guy.

Tonight I went to see I, Robot. I liked it. I think I liked it because I am an idiot, and every twist amazed me to no end. I also really wanted Will Smith to turn out to be a robot, but alas, not everything can become a commentary, and during the parts where he was riding the motorcycle, I couldn't help but thinking of how his wife was so pissed. She didn't know he would be riding a motorcycle, he didn't tell her on purpose. The way she found out was that he was injured on it, and she was angry when the tabloids came to ask her about it.

"When I heard how he got hurt, I was like, 'What were you doing on a motorcycle, anyway?'" she said. I loved it. It was sassy. They are both sassy and I love them and I hope if I ever get married, my marriage will be like theirs.

I am feeling so wonderful lately. I am ecstatic and nervous about my upcoming adventure. I am nervous because I wonder if involved parties will think I suck... I wonder if they will even like me after all is through, especially since we have never met face to face. I think sometimes about when Michelle came to California and how petrified I was to meet her, and Lesley, who I also never met but was more local. They seemed to like me, but I was still extremely nervous around them because I totally respected them and held them in high regard. I was afraid they would hate me but they were so nice and lovely. I am still so new to the meeting people you know from the internet in real life thing that I am scared out of my mind. What if she hates me? That's not the point. I guess I just fear that what I have presented is so not me that everyone who I don't personally will just see it as a sham. I don't want that.

To me, "drunk" only means "blacked out". If I can remember things, I was not drunk, which is not healthy, but who cares? If I were on this Earth to care about things that were healthy, I would eat more vegetables and I would smoke less frequently.


*I think I am excited about it because I came up with the melody and the lyrics, where as I had a melody and wrote the lyrics for "Coming Out" and James toyed with those a bit and made it his own.

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