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Fish Face And Homesick Abortion

On Tuesday night, Rae and I decided that we needed to be "practice" glam because on Wednesday, we were going to go to a club. So, after returning from Philadelphia, we put on some 40's style dresses, red lipstick, and were then picked up by Ian*, so that we could make with the boozing.

Here are some of the photographs from the night of practice glam:

Fishface and the homesick abortion.

Never ever forgotten.

Rae is a pimp because she can smoke a Newport and a clove at the same time (did I mention that everyone except Bill has taken to smoking cloves now?!)

Uh, this is Sassy. He doesn't have a livejournal yet but we're forcing him to get one. He likes to get it in while his women do the dishes, the kinky mysogynist bastard.

Rae and I being "practice lesbians". Because Justin wants us to get drunk and make out. Justin does not have a livejournal either, but apparently he reads everyone's anyway.

*My name is Ian, I'm a dick. I suck my friends' dicks. I'm a drunken alcoholic.

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