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The Long Way Home

"I got it sleeping rough on the streets in the rain
I got it learning to share my peoples' pain
I got it making flowers grow in hearts of stone
I got it 'cos I always took the long way home"

Doot-doot doo doo DOO!

I liked the little quote I read about video games, and how far their influences stretch. It is a very famous quote indeed, and I don't know where it originated so I'm not going to credit it.

"If playing Pac-Man as a child really influenced us, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, eating as many magic pills as we could get our hands on, and listening to electronic music."

I'm in the mood for quotes good buddy. That's a good word. Buddy. I suppose the tired hysteria has hit me at 4.15 in the morn and maybe I should get off to bed. I missed Imagine tonight. I am very sad. Tomorrow (or later today rather) promises to be rather interesting indeed. I am very sore, but things are looking and feeling fine. I love Citra. I had a Blow Pop. Things are wonderful.

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