alecto - your little bluejay (pollytrance) wrote,
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Scary Dream

I had a scary dream that last night there was this 40-something man with his family in the car and they were ramming into me on my first time driving my Dodge Durango because I was blocking this driveway where we were waiting for them to open the gates so that we could go in and get directions to this rave that we were going to. Then the police came and I told Katie that she had to say she was driving because they would bust me for driving without a license and it wasn't our fault that this guy started ramming us anyway. I ended up being able to get away from him though, and when I woke up all my muscles were stiff because through the dream they had been tensed up AND I ran over the little car that was ramming us and we only had a few dents, but the little car was thrashed. Damn you, HA HA little car!
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