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Once I Had Sex With Phil Collins (Cos When It's Written, It's So)

I want to write a song called "My Manager's Daughter Has Down's Syndrome". Then, I want the lyrics to be all about squeezing bugs to make them light up. I found a glow worm once at a rave, so I stole it. True story.

I can't wait till Monday because then things will be awesome again. I called Stephen earlier to tell him he was my best friend because I met him through Sophie and for some reason I thought she'd be able to know I want her back from Italy by proxy. Instead, his electricity went out and he said that I was bad luck. So, in response to that I proceeded to try and make up reasons as to why exactly we were best friends.

Which is actually only just a really long introduction to my saying that my psychotic behaviour toward him is probably due to the fact that I am sick, hallucinating, and have been trying to drink water without vomming. I hope all is well by Monday because if I am still sick and all unglam it will be very difficult to properly celebrate Sophie's return. Despite being unhealthy, I still feel somewhat glam because I saw something black and furry slithering under my bed earlier, which in turn makes me feel like I can afford rich people drugs and actually be stupid enough to take them. While I'm fairly certain that the black thing was just my fever, I am still very curious about how the thing managed to slither under my bed, because my mattress resides on the floor. No boxspring, no frill, just third-world country decorating.

Was supposed to go see James and watch a movie I have been meaning to show him for pretty much my entire life as well as to possibly record some more, but I punked out. I don't know why I feel the need to detail this but it's probably because I am too weak to have company on a Friday night and if I don't have anyone else to talk to I might as well just talk to myself and leave it around for other people to smirk at.

And now, a meme:

Katie and Buttrock
  • Doing their best to adopt a malevolent child.
  • Can't stand to whisper to each other exuberantly.
  • Would volunteer to be the two responsible for re-populating the planet.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

That rules, and is obviously true because everything you read is true. Which is also why so many people on my friends list were dead at some point and are now zombies. I can't remember who it was, but recently someone told me that they didn't like Jesus because they didn't like zombies. I think it was Bill, and ... I think it was the same night that I found out Jesus actually did come back to life at some point (if it's written, it's so) and I felt really dumb and like a really bad Catholic. My mom crosses herself when I take the lord's name in vain, but she has no qualms about going to South Carolina, drinking long island iced teas and browsing porn shops.

Selective vice. Good idea for a band name.

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