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"They're So Fucking Lazy! Even If I Wanted More Booze, Everything Closes Around 8."

Sophie just phoned. She's still in Italy, where right now she's drinking and it's around 9 pm.

Sophie says, "You know, in Italy there are all these asshole little boys looking for an ego-boost that make me want to be a feminist. Their goddamn parents buy them separate apartments so that they can have sex with their girlfriends in them. And I am so sick of seeing penises, and ballsacks on HORSES AND PEOPLE AND DICKS AND SHIT. Ion't need to see more monuments with a dick made of ... goddamn... stone!!"

We talked about Euro MTV and I told her that I wee'd in a garden on my first night in NJ, to which she responded, "That's so cool, because it's the Garden State!"

Oh my God. Monday at 6pm California USA time we'll both be heroin dead, but at least we'll be able to drown our sorrows in booze and cigarettes, and wear a lot of black without being called 'goth'.

Also, vengeance!

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