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Operator, Could You Help Me Place This Call?

Apparently I got drunk last night and smoked only two cloves and called Ian, which I remember nothing of. Lucky for me, he doesn't really remember much of it either except me saying I was tired. James was apparently drinking last night, too, and I thought I left my shotglass at Jason's. Their guest-room is so ritzy I woke up and had no idea where I was... that hasn't happened for a while.

Oh man. If I wasn't a dick, this would put me off booze, but instead of just being a dick, I am an enormous boner, too. And, couldn't really get up. And now I keep like not spelling words right which is pretty Buddhist. Jason tried to wake me up but I babbled all the way home wee wee wee. I actuallydid wee, that was pretty cool. It felt awesome. Oh man Jason has the best beds at his house cos he is all rich and stuff. I relaxed in his bed for a while, but then I fel bad cps sp[ was ay te compuetr and then so I got out of it what a gyp. He is cool too.

I had more to say but i forgot and jason made fun of me for talking to ian but that was this big joke and was meant to ge a funny reaton spin spin.

yeah paula abdul is a sexy hindi woman bt i want her babies, and to have them too.

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