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Not Only In America

Hello and good morning to everyone. Today, August 19th, is a very special sunny day, in Calforn-I-A, and with Parrot Bay. Today is the birthday of Rae. Rae A. So today will be devoted to words that sound like or rhyme with Rae.

I'm not going to list them, but you obviously know what I mean. She's finally 19! Rhyming, rhyming, let me show you let me tell you about the wondrous Rae.

First of all, she is glam as Hell, and doesn't mind practice glam. She also invites hobos like me to stay at her house. She defends my shrimp scampi and gets it in with hot boys like this:

Yes, this boy is so glam that he wears lipstick. She will not settle for scraggly dolts, when it comes to guys. That's because Rae rocks. 19-year-old Rae will be the next ruler of the world for sure. Rae makes computer art which is also the best thing ever. I wish I could still be in Jersey to celebrate with her, but alas, I am not. This does not, however, mean that the ten days I spent with her weren't divine.

(Enjoying your Magnetic Fields records, girl? I love you.)

She will hat-shop with you in Philly and take you to diners and be practice glam and make out with you at the request of her friends as long as you and she both remember to get around to it. I, in the most Californian way, hella miss her.

Happy Birthday, Rae A!!!!

I hope all goes well and you feel wonderful.

Much love,

Katie G.

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