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I Breathe, I Melt, I Think Of Me

My friend Stephen said "posting lyrics is gay" (even though he almost got it in with a dude, and that he didn't like women because of this psycho teacher he had who used the penis to represent any weapon AND she was a rampant feminist AND she makes me giggle at the thought of a wang the size of a nuke...) anyway, in honour of him, I will now post lyrics. Because it is "gay".

"Love the life you lead, just to lead the life you love?
I don't think so."


"If you put metal inside of a man
He can work much faster than he can."


"I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you
I'm ACHING, I'm ACHING for you...."


"Miss the one that I love a lot."


"The city has more a hundred thousand wars
All for one of 400 whores."

--Duran Duran

"But the words won't play
And there's no easy way to say...

--Natalie Imbruglia

"I want a lover I don't have to love
I want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk"

--Bright Eyes

"I've never needed anybody like this before,


Ok, now I am bored. There are way more cool ones but I am bored. Damn it.

I had a friend once who said she was ill in her lady parts, and when she went to the doctor, the doctor said there was nothing really wrong with her except that she had bruises on her cervix from too much sex. Heh. What a loser.

"Oh, woe is me, I am so goth that I think I have diseases cos I am a slut and I get it in too often!"

Fucking slut goths. Bitches.

Kinda makes me want to be a total slut so I can have more fun at Death Guild. Alas, my cervix does not need that trauma.

PS-- my friend Marty called me today and that ruled. Apparently I am supposed to move to Sunnyvale... it is the command of some people down there. I am supposed to work and live there. So yeah... any people willing to let me couch-surf until I get a place? Yeah. Moving? Yeah.

Also, I am wearing a shirt that does not belong to me, but I don't know whose it is. What the fuck?

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