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You Say To Me I Don't Talk Enough, And When I Do, I'm A Fool

I like how Patrick Swayze sings and I also like adding a lot of letters to words that don't belong there.

Don't touch my stufffffff you bastaaaard!! See? See how fun it is?

I used to be able to do this stuff by myself, what happened? I think I buttoned. I always wanted to marry George Michael, and now I know someone who insists that he be called 'George Michael', so maybe I will just marry him instead. It seems a good trade-off.

I live in perpetual fear that someone will call me while I am listening to 'More Than A Feeling' because I am afraid that they will recognise what it is, and make fun of me. I think I just blew my cover, though. Yes, I am enamoured of this recording by Boston, SAY WHAT YOU WILL.

I sometimes feel like a penis because if I discover things, my usual response is 'why?' For example, tonight I found out that someone's father was dead, and I asked why. What I meant was 'what did he die of?', but instead of that... when I was told he was dead, I said 'why?' I wonder if that is bad. Simplicity is the biggest turn-on in the world.

The end is a sorry thing to reach when you believe that you can never reach the end. The velvet rope, the pendulum, the cliffs on the beach. It is the way that one can walk away from something when they have had enough and tonight I do not care if I wake the neighbours up. Some things are more important.

I like how, vocally, I am expected to 'do well' when people like Courtney Love and Jane Jensen and Tina Turner and Macy Gray exist. I am supposed to sound formulaic, but I do not want to, and I have always prided myself on doing my own thing. It may not seem good at first listen, but it will come through. There will always be someone who appreciates it, and it makes me bitter that I have to subscribe to normal and 'on' to be taken seriously. Bjork is known for the fact that she... isn't traditional-- and by 'traditional' standards, she is 'crap'.

This will irritate me forever. I don't care if it is grating-- I like how I sound when I give it my all and someone else might, too, if I were given a chance.

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