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Lonely And Dreaming Of The West Coast

Left On Calliope has completed a new song. Something I am EXTREMELY proud of, and that is dedicated to my friend Lauren.

Left On Calliope - Before You Fell

I know it is not important to anyone, except for maybe Lauren and myself, but THERE IT IS. The reason it is relevant to me and Lauren is because I love her to death, and want her to know that I and many other people do, despite what she may think. Not to mention, 1998's Summer Of Everclear and Mixtapes brought us closer than ever.

We know it's hard
You've had it hard right from the start
But we all love you
You're permanent within our hearts

You've got a lot to give
And we've a lot to give to you
It looks impossible
But honestly, you will pull through

We'll give the faith you need
And try to silence all your cries
Don't be afraid of help
Without you we'd all die inside

Don't let it slip away
Don't let it pass today
Live another
Live another day

Don't burn another bridge
Don't fly off of the edge
Just be strong.

You don't believe
That you're special to anyone
You're cold inside and out
You can't remember how to have fun
Your lover left you
You lost your job
Your house burned down
But don't forget that we
All want you to stick around

We'll put you up
Give you love and give you booze
Make you realise
That you've got everything to lose

Don't let them get you down
Just need to turn around
Find another
Find another
Your passion's still inside
Though it seems
The embers died...

We've all been through it
The feeling like there's nothing left
You can't stop crying
You're withering and you're bereft

You're not alone, though
Invisibly, we're by your side
You cannot see us
All you see's the howling in your mind

And though you're hurting
We'll try to take the pain away
We'll do all that we can
In hopes we can convince you to stay

We think you're talented
Stay here with us instead
You should let us
You should let us

We will be strong for you
The way you used to do
Before you fell.

Can you remember when
You saved all of your friends
You were there for
You were there for

So let us settle debts
And let us hold your head
Above ground.

See it as you will, even if you won't.

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