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Phone Post: Pulp Fiction

446K 2:13
“Pulp Fiction, a movie about a man who… somehow decided to wander into a bar and… yeah, bad things happened. All I know is that someone took his wallet and it said “Bad Mother Fucker.” And another guy knocked out another guy and ended up killing him… and one thing lead to another and he rode on his motorcycle back to a house to go get his fucking watch which someone shoved up their ass for two fucking years and his watch wasn’t there. Except he found an Uzi. With the Uzi he shot John Travolta, which was pretty sad because he dies on a toilet just like Elvis. And the next thing you know it jumped over to the part with another guy *laugh* PAUSE… UNPAUSE… And then Katie got a … Katie got cloves, and then the next scene Katie smokes cloves. *laugh* And the next scene this guy like, who was already dead at the time, took this girl out to dinner. They went to 50’s club and saw Buddy Holly, which is a restaurant. They saw Buddy Holly, and they were definitely bad mother fuckers, let me tell ya. And they sat in like a car and ate food even though the car is in the restaurant. And then they dance, cause they’re good dancers and… and then a guy shows up in a fucking Acura R6X, and says he can fix anything in the world cause he is bad ass cause he’s the Wolf and he makes Samual L Jackson clean the little bits of brain from the back seat and he’s like, Shit, I am not cut out for this kind work; why am I on brain detail? End Quote. *laugh* And umm… Ben is asking questions so he should be killed. And… Quentin Tarantino is a fucked up dude.”

Transcribed by: multiple users
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