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Get My Little Camera, Take A Pretty Picture

Happy belated New Year 2005, and happy belated birthday riversprite.

Holidays were nice, though not spent in typical fashion. I got a beautiful package from Andosia Fair... her packages are always pretty and sweet-smelling. Thank you. It put a huge smile on my face.

J.Lo stopped by for a while last night and we exchanged gifts. I now have an official Prisoner of Azkaban movie poster. It's enormous. I am in love with it. I want to hang it up but I am afraid the tack-holes will damage it. Something has to happen though-- it can't stay rolled up in the corner. He also brought a new mix CD for my car, a candy cane and an earring.

He seemed pleased with what I got him. It was a heavy blunt object with sharp parts on it. You can bludgeon someone with it, or use it to make puncture wounds. Or you can just leave it on a desk to hold papers down. Can anyone guess what it was?

An appearance at Death Guild tonight is likely, and then there is prom on Friday. People are talking about the VNV show, but I am a broke bastard and I don't think they'll play 'Afraid Of Swords' anyway. Wait, that wasn't VNV, was it?

Found out Ian hates TLC. This hurts my soul. I want some turkey and also some shrimp and cheese. Also, it should stop being freezing so I can sleep. Ian stole my Ariel pillow so I cannot summon the Disney warmth from within.

Who makes movies with seals? God.

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