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Overboard, Oh My Lord

Last night I drove up to Humboldt. Scary as all hell (as it was raining buckets and even at only 30 mph, visibility was still zero) but I promised Pinz and finally came through. I have to go rescue her from school in about a half hour and I don't know what then.

After I arrived last night, Pinz, the barbarian and I consumed cocktails and watched Silence of the Lambs. The Barbarian had never seen it and I was appalled so we watched. Mid-movie, we turned it off to watch Salad Fingers.

At some point, we "paused" the movie again to go to the store and get chocolate, mixers, and sufficient liquor. We're going out to pizza for a late lunch and after that, who can say?

I dyed my hair deep sea blue and forest green. Anyone have a camera? The catalogue of colours I have had is, lately, sadly underdocumented. Plus my nails are dyed turquoise, only available to see for a limited time!

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