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The Fickle Fascination Of An Ever-Lasting God

It breaks down like this:

This morning, my dad was supposed to have been released from the hospital. 30 minutes before scheduled release, he had a stroke. He can't talk or swallow and his right side is paralyzed. He's in intensive care and not expected to come out of it for "weeks to months".

So, the tentative plans are that my mom is selling the house, my dad's boat, and my car. Which means if I ever get my stuff packed to be out of here, I have nowhere to go and no way to get there, unless my mom mystically finds a place. My mom is going to have to pick up two jobs, and I am going to have to find one as well to help support the family. How I'm going to do that with no car escapes me... but answers will come in time. I'm trying to be optimistic but it's pretty hard at the moment.

The days keep getting better and better. Luckily, I have this really wonderful man in my life who can help me forget all of it.

That's a joke, in case anyone was wondering. Though I wish it weren't. Just trying to keep things light for now.

In the spirit of cheering up one's friends, someone should make me icons. For LJ. Of Hugo Weaving. Google him and be my friend.

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