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Dexter's Exclamation!

Success! I made the Mix CD I was planning to make and it turned out nicely considering ... nothing. I couldn't find a pen to label it with, so very faintly in the bottom corner there is green highlighter that spells "Good". The track listing is as follows: (very boring, yes I know... but no one HAS to read it)

1) Rasputina - Trenchmouth
2) Hole - Rock Star
3) No Doubt - Ex Girlfriend
4) Rasputina - You Don't Own Me
5) Shampoo - Don't Call Me Babe
6) Leona Naess - Charm Attack
7) Annie Lennox - Keep Young and Beautiful
8) Ann Wilson - Best Man In The World
9) Fluffy - Deny Everything (Live)
10) Duran Duran - None Of The Above
11) Queens of the Stone Age - The Lost Art Of Keeping a Secret
12) Smashing Pumpkins - Transformer
13) Filter - (Can't You) Trip Like I Do
14) Garbage - Supervixen
15) The Immortals - Go Go Go (Sonya)
16) Dan Reed Network - Baby Now I
17) Atari Teenage Riot - Too Dead For Me
18) Nicole Kidman - Sparkling Diamonds
19) Tracy Bonham - Bulldog
20) Swag - Please Don't Tell
21) Everclear - Normal Like You
22) Superdrag - Sucked Out

Yes. It shows you all how musically limited I can be when making CD's. Too bad I didn't have room for the Turtle Power song. That would have rocked.

I need to find my baby carrots. I'm dying a slow, painful, non-seeing-in-the-dark death without them.

That's all I really wanted to say. Oh, and I wanted to know what constituted an eye-sore. When I brought everyone over to my house the other night, they were all, "Oh, I wonder which one's Phoebe's room? The one with the tinfoil all over the windows?" Yes. So I tinfoil the windows... I like to sleep in and sun in your room means bleached out posters and that is a drag beyond all drags. Besides, whoever heard of getting sunburn by sleeping in? (The window is right over my face and I like being pale. I wonder what a lot of sun exposure would do to the vividness of my hair anyway?) So are my foil windows an eyesore, even though they're in an alley facing another house... or did they just find it funny and peculiar and very typical of me to have done.

So I'm a gloom-baby. Kill me.

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