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A Lullaby

I hate to be an ass, but last night my father's burden hit me in a huge way and I was a gross, pathetic mess of tears. If anyone who is so musically inclined would like to help, I request a song at this moment.

You know that song that goes, "Fall... on your knees, and hear the angel's voices".

I think like maybe since I have my iPod that my dad would like a little chorus-esque music. Nothing completely in his ears, but something comforting and familiar. I have most of the Christmas stuff covered except that.

If anyone has the stuff I can add to my iPod for my dad, please send to "". I'm thinking also that 'The Coventry Carol' by the Mediaeval Baebes would work... only because I have played it before and he has liked them. I'll probably get bitched out for the iPod, but at the least I could sing lullabies?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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