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Werd 2 Ya Mutha!

Arrrgh. I couldn't even check my mail today because AOL is being a fuckface. Something about we're assholes for changing our address without them knowing (and yet they had to know, because they've been receiving our goddamn payments for two years).

Anyway, so we had to install CompuServe, which was a big pain in the ass, because all I wanted to do was see if I had any new mail that wasn't junk. It was crap. It made me very mad... and it doesn't help that my teenage hormones were raging, so it started this wicked fight between my father and myself.

It went along the lines of:
me: Get the hell off my back, all I want to do is check my goddamn mail.
father: Yeah, because you have no life.
me: Well, if you're so convinced I have no life, then you wouldn't mind if I just killed myself... would you? Because since I have no life it wouldn't be a waste.
father: (stuttering but no words)

Followed by me storming out of the room and slamming my door and then everyone in the house screaming. I don't care.

So now I'm posting using CompuServe. In case any of you didn't know, I HATE change more than anything in the whole world because change sucks hardcore, so now that I'm on CompuServe I'm aggravated and just being on here and having to post through here is getting under my skin. (Yes, I'm more neurotic than anyone you will probably ever come in contact with). Not like I'm proud of that, I just thought you all should know in case you read a particularly insane post.


Well anyone who has any words of encouragement should probably e-mail me and tell me that it will all be better soon. I could go for some good-natured lies right about now. My new e-mail address is

So yeah.

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