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Turn My Head Up Turn Back Again

Katie and I circa 2001. I wish you could see us now.

I need glasses. Wearing Katie's every week or two for a night or so at a club where the chances are slim that we'll be seeing straight anyway just isn't going to cut it.

Anyway-- Friday night Katie and I ended up in San Jose. We pulled into Sam's house and Katie made Hennessy and Coke for us to share, while I perused all the places in the area that we could go.

We set off, first arriving at Club Deep which we decided we didn't want to deal with because it was some salsa festival. We ended up walking over to the Britannia Arms which I was bizarrely enough well suited to-- Union Jack shoes and Union Jack wallet in tow. It looked like I was an Anglophile arriving on purpose.

Katie, Sam, Dana and I all entered through the back and took seats at a table, began talking animatedly, and drinking in the same fashion. Dana, Sam and Katie all had Vodka-Red Bulls and Dana was musing on the fact that he liked Jager and Red Bull. He was met with looks of horror. Sat out a bit, drinking, talking, Katie gave me her glasses. That was nice. I could actually see.

Last call for the outside patio was issued, so we retreated to the indoors where a lively cover band was playing "I Will Survive" and I sipped on a second Tokyo Iced Tea. I was glad Katie had given me her glasses because the bass-player of said band was clearly in focus-- bedecked in a black cowboy hat, and looked a lot like someone familiar.

Tall like him, too. Wow.

We finished our drinks, they finished their set, and we headed out. On the way out front, Hugo Bassplayer opened the door for us and said, "You ladies have a goodnight!"

It took all of my self-control not to ask him whether or not he'd caught Neo yet.

Katie and I went outside and began smoking and cooling off while the boys went to the bathroom and leaked their lizards (have been waiting for an opportunity to say that for the longest time!).

Out the boys came and we relaxed, smoked, and were approached by a kid in large sunglasses.

"May I have a cigarette, sir?" he asked Sam.

"Wow," said I. "'Sir'... so polite. Most people just come up and say, 'Can I bum one?'"

"I'm just trying to be polite," He said. "I'm not from around here, things are different from where I am."

"Where are you from?" I asked

"New Jersey," he said.

"North Jersey, or South Jersey?"

"South Jersey."

"Good!" I said. "If you said north I would never talk to you again."

We talked about Atco, it was nuts. He says 'water' the way they do.

He introduced me to his friend from Jordan whose accent is far too similar to mine than I am comfortable with, but the boy from Jordan and the boy from Canada were very nice to me, obliging, and full of the PLUR joy that has been basically absent from my life since I stopped raving.

About twenty minutes later, when we were saying our goodbyes, the boy from Jordan (whose name I don't think I even was able to catch) told me that I was very pretty, that I should be a model.

"Are you crazy?" I asked him, taken aback. "I can't do that! They need really top-rate girls with amazing bodies!"

He looked at me like I was insane.

"It's not about body," he said. "I worked for a modeling agency when I came here and they are looking for pretty faces and big smiles."

"Still," I said. "I'm not material for that."

"You'd be surprised," he said, and bid me farewell.

I walked to the car very high. Sure, it's a compliment from someone [possibly] drunk, but it made my day. I'm not a pretty girl, so things like that get me going. Not to mention the fact that I didn't know this boy, and he said nothing about my hair. He liked my smile. No one notices that sort of thing beneath this blue and green mop.

It was amazing. On the way out, I played "The Spook" as per Katie's request-- she had been disappointed earlier in the evening, telling Sam that, "You need to hear her! She's a singer!"

Sam and Dana seemed to like the Star Wars samples, but not much else. They're R+B boys and I suppose it's not sultry enough to pass for a get-your-groove-on ballad. No sweat. The fact that they were at the very least entertained made me happy.

We got back to Sam's and he made popcorn and turned on Revenge Of The Sith because Katie and I were curious. Dana and I finished up the last of the Hennessy. Around 3-ish I got up to check my phone (and ended up tripping on the blanket and elbowing poor Dana in the head) and received a message from mopmonster in which he proclaimed that they played "Lullaby" at Die Maschinen.

I could hear it in the background and poked anyone within poking range to tell them, which, incidentally, turned out only to be Sam. He came out and smoked with me while I babbled incoherently about how excited I was.

After that, we went inside and he put Matrix, Reloaded on for me. I fell asleep near instantly and woke up to an angry stomach and a thirsty soul. Katie and I drove home... I tried to sleep for a bit to no avail.

I wanted to go and record but I felt too horrible to move.

This night has brought me a bit of relaxation and wisdom. I love hanging out with Katie and August is going to suck when she disappears to Utah again. We had a long talk about the past and the present and the way that things really haven't changed in any way other than expansion all and the PLUR is alive in my veins the same way it was when she and I were in high school.

It's all the same.

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