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Ambition Is Useless.

Today I am giving up on all my dreams, hopes, ambitions, and wishes. They are useless and only cause pain. To speak of the things you wish to accomplish is only to fail and then have everyone, including yourself, realise how big of a fool you actually are.

It's amazing how different you can become from your best friends if you fall out of touch with them and do your own thing for even like two weeks. You find that the person you knew inside out, you no longer know anything about. Jesus.

You find yourself only seeing your best friends from high school only at the ten year re-union. At least, that's how it seems to be with all the people who have already graduated. Life separates everyone. Life is pain. Anyone who says different is selling something. And just to let you all know, Annie Lennox is GOOD. Who cares if she's a few years over forty and has a child? Not me. I think she's great.

Crazy in Alabama is a good movie. I suggest if you haven't already seen it, you do. The movie Tommy gives me a headache, even though it's by The Who. And I don't care if Elton John is gay, he should be revered. He plays piano as well as Rasputina plays cello, dammit!

Can you fry rice without the vegetables? I think that would be neato. I wouldn't know though because I'm the kind of cook who could burn water. Ciao.
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