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Hush My Darling, Don't Fear My Darling...

...the lion sleeps tonight.

Oh my god, I soooo love that song by the Tokens. It, too, reminds me of my childhood. I was breast-fed oldies and brought up to love music. So damn nice.

So Aylin's party was a lot of fun. She rented a Karaoke machine, and, in honour of Aubrey, I went nuts on it. This guy from my school named Josh who I didn't really know but got to know at the party was singing also, and we started doing duets near the end of the party, and it was a lot of fun because of all the cheesy pop the discs had to offer.

We did such classics as Aaliyah's "Try Again" and Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting for Tonight." I forgot how much fun it is when you just let go! And my hair was crimped!

I made Aylin a mix CD with a bunch of weird ass shit on it so that she would always remember that it was from me. Then I gave her (one was this really nice tall one that was triple scented, yum!) three candles, two packs of incense, and an incense burner. No one else gave her candle-y stuff so I was happy that I wasn't like a toss-aside spare gift-giver.

And Ms. Take added me to her friends list! I am so goddamn excited! Random acts of sweet ass kindness like that seriously make my day!! I'm not even kidding. The more I think about it the more I want to meet all of these fucking fabulous people that post on here.

Tonight I watched The Replacements and Nurse Betty (in which Crispin Glover starred *purr*) and had some "scrumptious food" (french fries, I was craving them hardcore) and I don't know, I watched lots of TV and missed Mya a lot, and *drumroll please* I get to see Fidel tomorrow. We're going to San Francisco to spend the day. How '60's of us!

Amanda told me I need to study colour theory just because I didn't realise bright red and hot pink placed strategically on top of one another make hot pink! (I needed hot pink eyeshadow to feel like Jem)

So I've bored you all senseless, but I just wanted to let you know that I haven't been like dead or anything these past couple of days when I've been writing like one-line entries.


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