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Sun Shine

The sun is shining. Right now, the golden rays of the sun are shining, or maybe that's just a table lamp. If it is a table lamp I can assure you that there will be no risk of sunburn, for me. I don't need to tell YOU that. Out loud.

It would break her heart if she ever found out it was rigged. That's her favourite show. Kim. Her favourite show is Who's Line Is It Anyway.

If you get mad at someone, and you have something of theirs, you should torch it. It will make you feel better. I personally don't do that kind of stuff but I bet if I was a psycho I would. I feel like writing an advice column right now. Like telling people to burn stuff when they're angry. Anger is a universal feeling. I am going to stay up late tonight and retain my Seratonin, and perhaps it will make me more creative. For now however, I am leaving live journal alone before I get on a soapbox about the injustices I have experienced today. Good-bye.
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