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I Hate Seattle Skimboarding!

I had an amazing trip, and I arrived home to Juicy (who, incidentally, was here from Los Angeles) and all of my roomies with whom I spent the better part of the "being home" evening. Stevie and I stayed up drinking and watching Salad Fingers and the like. That was pretty awesome. I was glad we got to do it because Stevie had sent me and all of the other roommates messages saying that we should all hang out and have a drunk tank night. Since I wasn't around Saturday, it took place when I got home Sunday and all was harmonious in roommate land.

Friday, the butcher and I departed, and ended up spending twelve hours in the car, eight of which were in total silence because Gad thought listening to music would just be an attempt to drown him out. When we got to San Diego to drop his sword sensei off with Joseph the candle-bearer, we were too tired to drive the two hours back to Los Angeles so we crashed at the 'Quality Inn'. Cockroaches (apparently) in the bathtub and a smoking room, which really threw the butcher for a loop as he is not a smoker and only got such a room on my request. He spent the rest of the night trying not to inhale the scent of cigarettes and popped my spine for me, which was much needed after the car ride.

We awoke at ten because we had to be checked out by eleven and were both sincerely sleep-deprived, having been up until 5 am discussing The Golden Child, but luckily we made it out of there alive. On the way up to Glendale we hit traffic, it was hot as Hades so we pulled out of it and got lunch at Red Robin. After that, back to the road. We arrived in Glendale at Madison's house around 3pm and begun preparations for the show. She lent me a bandana with which to compliment my pompadour, and after hemlines were proper and make-up was applied, we set out for Melrose.

We first headed into Necromance, which I had been dying to go to, and I scored a sweet chicken fetus and a mink penis bone, as well as another mink bone, point of origin in the body as yet unclassified. Madison was getting hungry so we headed over to a cafe that specialised in crepes and gelato, neither of which I had ever really had. I didn't get a crepe at the time because I was frightened, but I did try the gelato with a neon pink shovel-like spoon that I saved because I thought it was so awesome.

After Melrose we headed straight over to the show we'd driven down for and were fretting because we were already about 50 minutes late for it. The site stated the show started at six and we arrived just shy of seven. When we read the tickets, we discovered that the show was set to start at 8. The man at the door marked me as a minor (will it ever end?) so I had to scurry into the ladies' to wash the X's from my skin. He apologised profusely for having done it, and then when I told him it was no problem, he confided to me that he was 'lit'. Thank-you, that was something I really needed to know.

The show was good, but by midnight I was drooping badly due to the heat, lack of sleep, and all of the driving. The first band and the Japanese bands were the best. When the show finally let out, it was 1.45 am, there was no hope of making it to Hollywood to hang with rancer, and Madison had volunteered to drive.

When we got onto the freeway we encountered a drunken motorbike, a swerving Solara, and an airborne Mustang. The Mustang was taking the curved track to an overpass too swiftly, jumped the median, and almost came down on top of us. Had it not been for Madison's tiger reflexes, I'd probably be dead. It was scary as shit. The butcher woke up because Madison and I were both freaking out a bit gasping and mumbling, 'That was so scary, that was so crazy...' and asked us what had happened.

"Your car almost got totaled." Madison said, in a matter-of-fact way.

"What?" he asked.

"A Mustang almost crushed us." I told him.

"Did it hit us?" he asked.


"Is my car ok?"

"Yes. What do you want from Jack in the Box?"

We got some greasy late night fast food, ate together in Madison's room, then went to sleep... but not before some disturbing conversation about the Teletubbies took place. That coloured my dreams in a way that was entirely too purple.

Next morning arrived, we woke up at nine, were out the door by ten, and drove off to San Diego to pick Gad up.

"Be careful loading," the butcher told Gad. "Katie's fetus is back there."

"Her what?!" Gad asked.

"I bought a chicken fetus," I told him.

"A chicken fetus?" The candle-bearer asked, snickering. "I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't laugh, I don't know you that well."

"Why not laugh?" I asked.

"Well, maybe it has some sort of higher meaning to you."

"No," I said. "Laughter is kind of the point. I'm not that close with my chicken brethren."

He laughed again. I am a genius, clearly.

We got back up to Half Moon Bay in excellent time, making two stops, and Gad even sat through two whole CD's. An Oingo Boingo album and the Corpse Bride soundtrack. I got back home around 10.30 and got to gossip with Syd before she went to bed.

One of the best parts of the trip was hitting the hazard lights whenever the butcher wasn't looking and watching him get flustered when he couldn't figure out why his blinkers weren't shutting off. It actually got to the point that I would go, "Hey, your hazards are on," and his eyes would dart around wildly, even if I hadn't activated them. Being a troublemaker rulz.

Unfortunately did not get to hook up with cuntagious, her twin, adroitstripe, or guttercake

I am going to go foraging for costume supplies today so I can be Chun Li for Halloween.

Also, apparently a livejournal community that bashes Rachael Ray made it into the New York times. The best criticism I have heard of that woman, I think, came from Sophie who might have been drinking and who had yelled, "An anorexic cook! Who'd have ever thought?!"

I look demonic in my userpic. I love it. It's totally appropriate, too, because my favourite thing is trouble-making. The Mall, proper.

I have hella more testosterone than you.

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