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Advocating Dirty Sexual Practice 101: Professor Mokwazyi.

Attempted to go to Thai food last night with the butcher but failed because I am a late bitch, and too skittish to go into a place that was closing in a half hour. Instead, we drove over to bother Sophie at work. We made her look up books and movies and show us the new David board books, and then departed into the night in search of dinner. We ended up at Denny's, as that is pretty much the only available refuge nearby that was still open and operating. To our credit, we did try to go first to a Mexican restaurant that was situated between a dentist's office and a medical supply store (yum!) and another place out of which the butcher was chased by a surly security guard.

After Denny's, we drove several circles around Concord and then returned to Benicia, where I showed the butcher my high school and various other sights. I took him down to the industrial park where we climbed stairs and roofs, as well as purloined our way into a building that was not supposed to have been open. We wandered around inside-- I was dissatisfied... too many things had been changed. Doors had been spackled into oblivion, the attic's doorframe had no trace of a glimpse inside. The most exciting bit of the excursion was when we heard Don Henley's music through the cracks of a blacksmith's shop... but he must have been hiding in what seemed to be a loft.

After the industrial park, we reached my house where we said goodbye... but several text messages and a few dollars later, the butcher and I made our way to my mother's house where my futon currently lies in rest. We watched Little Britain and slept in an sporadic sort of way.

He helped me prepare my dad's breakfast and around 7.30 am we departed-- he to his work and I to my home. He arrived early to his work and I arrived home in good time. Take ecstacy with me.

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