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I have to go to group in a couple of hours, and then hopefully we're getting Chinese food (it's Wednesday!), but my mom said she didn't know whether that was for sure because she doesn't know if she likes me that much. (Yes, she was most likely kidding, my parents aren't THAT hideous.)

Yesterday I went to San Francisco with Fidel. Finally! We completed a plan without it falling through. His hair is black now. I swear I thought it was gonna be blonde (it was blonde last time I saw him, oh, about 6 months ago).

I was a half an hour late to the BART station and we missed two trains because I was late, so that was kind of a big set back, but it was all good, because he doesn't have a bitchy personality. As a matter of fact, he's one of the coolest people ever.

Anyway, we got to the city and we went to Virgin Records right away (we were supposed to meet some guy there, but he wasn't there because we were 45 minutes late... oops!) Then we traveled through China Town where I found cheap-ass cool-as-hell masquerade masks that were fatty Mardi Gras style. I so wanted to spend every penny I had buying them, and these plastic Won Ton soup spoons that they have in the restaurants, but I didn't, cos I knew I'd be broke forever and not be able to do anything if I stayed in that store.

Then we like wandered around a lot, and even though this sounds boring it wasn't because Fi is really good company. We went to Subway to get change for our big bills (OOOH, a ten and a twenty!) and we each bought a cookie for 45 cents (each, not altogether). Then the guy at Subway wrapped the cookies up in this little paper bag, which I took a bite of (yes, the bag, not the cookie) and then said to the man behind the counter, "This is good." Fidel did the same, and the guy looked at us really weird and said, "You eat the paper?" and I smiled really wide and nodded at him like it was one of my favourite things to do. There is nothing better than acting weird with a good buddy by your side being weird too!

So then, once we had change, we headed back to BART to take a train to 16th street (the Castro, I was dying to go) and on the way there we passed by this restaurant where all these cooks were shuffling about. I saw one of the cooks do a double-take (it must have been my hair that shocked him) so I gave him this weird look and went up close to the glass and he was so busy trying to figure out why the hell I was staring at him, he crashed his pan into one of the other chefs by accident... and I laughed really hard even though I shouldn't have because the pan was probably hot, but I wasn't making him stare, I was just trying to get a rise out of him. I love acting LOONEY. It's my FAVOURITE!!

So we proceeded to the Castro where there were all these charming boys who wanted nothing to do with me because I wasn't a boy also. It was very sad. But that's ok, because there were a lot of them to look at... and we almost got ran over by this silver truck, so we ran into a store to hide from the driver, and then the store closed and the guy who was driving the truck was waiting outside for us, and he came up to us and in this really creepy voice he said, "You guys almost got hurt. It's NOT FUNNY!"

What a psycho!

But I bought a rainbow sticker and a rainbow shot-glass at this store called, "Does Your Father Know?" and now I have all of four shot-glasses in my newly-started shot-glass collection. I love rainbow stuff, it rocks my socks, and you can always tell where it came from.

It was entertaining to watch how many boys checked Fidel out. He's so cute!

Some weird guy tried to sell us acid, and then they ran off after they heard this police scanner nearby. I'm glad too, because they wouldn't leave us alone, and then when we told him we didn't have any money, he's all, "Well, come get it for free, follow me."

Bah. I like to be weird, but I don't like it when people are weird back to me. I'm a big fat hypocrite. But I don't care.

Then our tummies started grumbling and we went to Safe way and bought a cake and some milk, and then stole some forks to eat it with from the rotisserie. Every time we passed a food product that I approved of, I'd announce its name in a really loud spaz voice. "CAKE!" and "MILK!" and "SMOKED CHICKEN BREAST!" echoed through the aisles. It was fabulous. Then when we got to the check-stand I kept shouting "CAKE! at the checker, and he like half-smiled and nodded and replied, "Yes, cake."

Fidel then told him that I was .. I don't remember what he said... he either said I was a spaz or that I was retarded.

Then we went to the BART station and ate some of our cake and went home. When we got back, Travis gave Fidel a ride home and then I went over and stayed there for the night and I got home at ten, and I was still exhausted as hell.

I slept until 2.15, and then I fooled around with AOL (who is still being a fuckface, by the way) and found out our account was supposedly cancelled but should be working again by about 4.30. So, if any of you have left a comment and I haven't replied it's because I haven't been getting the e-mail updates, but I still love you all.

Thank you for listening to my tale of lunacy.

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