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According to Mya...

Planned Parenthood = Free Abortions.

This was Fourth of July:

Me: "I might be pregnant. I'm really scared."
Mya: "Do you wanna keep the baby?"
Me: "No! My mom would kill me."
Mya: "Do you know if you are for sure?"
Me: "No, I have some tests.. I can take one tonight."
Mya: "Ok, tell me how it goes."
Me: "What if I am? No one's gonna help me pay for an abortion!"
Mya: "Go to Planned Parent-hood. They give free abortions."

That seemed really funny to me. The way she said it.

It's like, "Buy Pantene Shampoo and receive complimentary conditioner"
"Come to Planned Parenthood and get a complimentary abortion."

I'm not pregnant. I'm glad. I think I would kill myself if I ever got pregnant. I can barely take care of my kitten let alone a baby.

Babies don't shit in litter boxes, you actually have to take care of them. I'm never having kids.

I don't know why morbid things like that make me laugh. That's horrid.
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