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Tonight Is Very Crawly

Oh my god! Things are so crazy right now! I can feel trouble brewing in my bones and I only want to spend tonight with a select few who are currently unavailable.

And I took Josh and Lindsay the movie star's advice and watched Invader Zim instead of Ed Edd N Eddy because I happened to have nothing better to do tonight and it was like the best thing I've seen in a long time. Aaaaah. The opening credits gave me goosebumps and it was like so good! Good! I'm freaking speechless I can't even describe its goodness. Ah!

I feel a new obsession coming on.

Other than that.. I'm sick now. Coughing is minimal at the moment but my nose is all raw and running. My head aches and groans and I long for another episode of Invader Zim. But fear not. Space Ghost is on Sunday. I must bide my time.

New eps of Invader Zim start in August. *happy me*

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