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The Heat On The Sheets...

Okay, so it's official. I am sick. And what a sucky time to be sick. Right when I'm starting to practice in the Durango, right when it's the weekend and staying in your bed and watching TV is a death-wish because weekend TV programming sucks.

Drinking hideous tap water to make me feel better and that disgusting feeling of heat and the chills at the same time when you're bundled up in your bed with no way to fix it. Your shoulders and chest have crescendos of shivers running down them at all times and your feet are on fire.

The inability to think or type clearly, the drifting in and out of consciousness, the high-fever hallucinations, the soreness in your throat, the inability to breathe with that goddamn thermometer in your mouth.

The way Ibuprofen just doesn't last long enough. The achy joints and the splitting headaches and the lack of care for pretty much everything that's going on.

I'm sick and my nose is raw and I have a 101 fever. Someone hit me up with a rhinoceros tranquiliser.

"We react very strongly to tranquilisers, you know." -- Alec Empire. He is a sexy man. I can't stop babbling. I better get my incoherent ass to bed before I piss some peeps off.

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