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Yes. I haven't posted in a while. But that's because things have been all action packed lately.


Sunday morning Lindsay the movie star came into my room and woke me up by like, clawing my back, and I thought it was my cat and I was about to turn over and yell and then I saw her and it was really scary to see a friend who you know didn't stay the night first thing in the morning. Anyway, she made me get my sick ass out of bed and get ready and then we went a-travelling. We went to her house and primped and decided on clothing and then we went to the Target in Walnut Creek to do some underwear shopping. Underwear shopping is the best thing ever. Pretty underwear rules the earth hardcore!! We jammed out to "Waiting For Tonight" and were very girly indeed, as we listened to Paula Abdul on the freeway.


Lindsay the movie star was driving, and one of my favourite things to do on the freeway or anywhere else where there is traffic or where other people are able to see me, is make faces. So I was making all these weird gaping mouth faces at the passing cars and then this one car full of some punky-looking boys who had hold of an orange cone and were using it as if it were a megaphone, they made a face back at me. I decided that mutual face-making was an automatic peace offering and wanted to be friends with them. Since we were headed back to my house anyway, I was like, "Lindsay, let's invite them over!!" So she sticks her hand out the window and waves, and then they decide not to follow us, but to pass us, and then they wave to us to follow them. I was like, "Lindsay, let's have an adventure!! Let's follow them." and she wasn't sure if we should but in the end I convinced her that it would be a good adventure and if we didn't do it we would have a boring summer, and that we were only 17 once. So we followed them, and we pulled alongside one another at a stop sign and said our hellos. They were going to the driver's house to get money for thrift shopping and to go to the bathroom, and I found that there are these nice boys that not only live in the V, but they have a band and they love their mothers. It is a punk band.

They gave us phone numbers and web sites and then we went on our merry ways.

Lindsay and I proceeded to my house to pick up some magical Easter egg pills and we checked out their website. Not bad at all. We tried to pick up En Vogue for tunes in the car but we failed because my CD collection is in disarray at the moment. I need another case for them.

We then went to Lindsay's house and primped more and contacted Stefan who was going to be a good buddy and hook us up with Invader Zim. We listened to Cavestar and played with our hair, and then Stefan came over with the goods (a tape of all 5 Invader Zim episodes and a super duper CD of the pilot episode that apparently only works on his computer, and two flashlights.) and we took off to go to Sky Valley Road and find the Zodiac house. We got to the Zodiac house only to find it was like 11.00 and we were scared to go bravely, and it was too overrun with weeds and ticks to proceed all the way into the house (where the Zodiac killer hid out) and the barn had caved in.

So we went back to Lindsay the movie star's house and watched Zim until her mom kicked us out, and then me and Stefan went and watched Zim at his house until 1.30 when I came home. I decided to clean my room, which I haven't yet done, but when I do, I wanna have a sleep over.

I think Lindsay's feelings are a bit hurt because I haven't spent the night at her house for hella days, and I should. I dunno. Sleep overs with us are always so hardcore.


So then it was Monday and I did nothing all day long, and at two I decided to take a nap (I was up at nine am again!) and then the phone rang and it was a wrong number! Damn waker-uppers! So I just drifted back to sleep around 8pm when the door opens and Lindsay the movie star and Stefan creep into my room and wake me up. So I get up and then I change and gather some good CD's and we head off to Toys R Us, which is closed, so we go to Target and I bought some blank note cards. Yes! I rock!

Then we tried to call Mya because we all wanted to hang with her but she was at her Irish dancing lessons. So I went into Safeway and bought munchy stuff because the plan was to go back to my house and watch cartoons. We got back to my house with Cheetos, Teddy Grahams, and Vegetable Thins and decide to watch the Neverending Story instead. Then a bit before 12.00 Lindsay and Stefan had to leave so that Lindsay could make curfew, and here I am posting about my weekend. There are a lot more little details but I don't feel like going into them.

Bryan called me and left a message and even dialed *82, but I didn't get a chance to call him back, so I think I might do that tonight, but he is probably not home.

Lindsay told me I had a nice ass. Not in a weird lesbian way, but in a friend-to-friend way. She says it's all "poppy and volumptuous". I guess that's a good thing. It's still scary to hear ass talk though.

Apparently a lot of my actions are very synonymous with the actions of a very famous slut. Oh well. At least I have a curvy body. Bony sluts supposedly wear down faster.

Enough about sluts.


PS --Lauren, Stefan says hi :)
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