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I Can't Talk To Anyone Else The Way I Can Talk To You

I am Light Mary, but my real name is Luz Maria. I am from Mexico and I have sixteen years old, my state is Hermosillo, and my family is the best in my live, and the photographs too. I am model, dancing. I swimming and I love the photoshop. Too the cats and the bats, it my live. My band favourite is My Chemical Romance, and my colour favourite is pink. The name of my school is Colegio Progeso, my friends are very sweets with me, I love my friend. My boyfriend is a men stupid and sweet, but I love much. Your name is Guadalupe. Too, my hamster is very small and your name is Lucia. I love the water and the internet. I don't like the phone and the dog. I don't like pizza, hamburger, meat, tomatoes. My favourite food is the fish. I don't like the chicken. I like the cheese and cereal, I like the milk, and I like the coffee, but I like much the tea.

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