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Warning: Weird and Gross To Follow

I woke up today with blood caked under my fingernails and on my palms and fingers and on my neck. Some of the blood under my fingernails was still wet and red, but most of it was black, and the blood on my hands looked like it had been spattered there and was dry, and the blood on my neck was a definite smear. Now, I've never had a nose bleed, so it wasn't that, and there is no blood anywhere else on my body. I checked the blankets, pillows, and sheets and there is no blood there either. I have no fresh wounds (and even if I did, I don't think it would have bled THAT much) and there was no blood on my clothes.

Now tell me... isn't that just a little bit weird?

Weird things have been happening to me all weekend.

But it's not the weekend anymore.

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