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Colours Of The World...

...Spice Up Your Life!

Yes, you saw it. I was writing Spice Girls lyrics because they pretty much sum up the events of last night. I went to Fidel's house once again for his birthday party and met all the friends (and then some) that he talks about, and I got to see Mya, which did my soul some good.

Everyone else left around ten and Mya and Fi were tye-dying outside and I got to show them Invader Zim, which made me a very happy girl... and then we ALMOST ALMOST watched Stir Of Echoes, but then Fi wasn't in a movie-watching mood so we put on this CD of ghetto music that I made and just had like a dance party in his room. The best part was when we all got up and started dancing to "Spice Up Your Life" because we all knew the dance (yes, even Fidel!) and Mya and I were belting out the lyrics and we were all in just a blacklit room being ourselves and having some fun. I took some pictures and when I scan them I will link to them, because they are guaranteed to be funny.

Then when it was around 11.30, Chris (Fidel's older brother) had to take Mya and I back to Mya's house to go to sleep and everything and we stopped by this janky ass Chevron and tortured the checker and buying Push Pops and we were laughing so hard for no reason at all. I miss that about Mya. We were like the perpetual laughing machine, and it's usually for no good reason, and I can't remember things being bad. There's like so much history, ah. Things were just good. And then when we got back to her house and decided that we needed more Push Pops (blue food, mmm!) and to torture the checker more. He had yellow teeth *barf* but who cares... he was playing along with our insanity. We went back and spent like four dollars on Push Pops and that means that we spent like $6 total and that's pretty funky. And so because we made his night more lively, he gave us free sodas. That was cool.

Then we walked back to Mya's house around 12.30 and just had a lot of fun. We talked and talked until three in the morning and nothing about us has changed except age. It's really sad that she's in band and is a letter-girl because otherwise she could come back to Benicia High and finish senior year with me. She even said that if she could take it all back she would to be back where we were four years ago.

So would I. Senior year is gonna be hard without her and Lauren and everyone else who is gone or alienated. I want to at least get her into Prom, so we can have one senior experience together. We decided that we're gonna get an apartment and do everything we need to do to find ourselves. Things will be good. Last night, though not that eventful, was one of the more amazing nights of my life and makes me think about how I am a teenager and I am glad to be me, to be alive, to BE right now, because things will never be this way, or the way they were ever again. All we can do is enjoy the now.

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